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Grass 1 Australia commenced operations in 2009 and have since then installed in excess of 1000 projects in the residential, commercial, education and tennis court sectors.

We have had a strong association with market leading manufacturer Tiger Turf utilising many of their products across a diverse range of projects. Our staff are all full trained, uniformed and full time employees of Grass 1 Australia.

TigerTurf’s synthetic grass is made from polypropylene or polyethylene yarn. These materials are very durable, resistant to staining, are UltraViolet (UV) stabilised for Australian conditions and are the most suitable materials for synthetic grass use. This also ensures the product does not fade. The grass is tufted into a polypropylene mat which is rubber backed. Our popular Landscape Grass, Tuff Turf, Lush, Meadow, Envy & Summer Envy, are made from polypropylene yarn.

Founded in 1981, TigerTurf New Zealand is considered one of the top 5 Synthetic Grass manufacturers worldwide. TigerTurf expanded into Australia in 1990, the United Kingdom in 2000 and the United States in 2007. They manufacture synthetic grass at their New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States facilities. TigerTurf is committed to research and development of premium grass surfaces for all sports and leisure applications.

Product only warranty for Tiger Turf Landscape Grass is 7 years. Under normal use of light to moderate traffic, Tiger Turf grass would be expected to last 15 – 20 years. Grass1 Australia offers a 2-year installation warranty, reassuring you that your new synthetic lawn will be installed to the manufacturers specifications.

Does your dog make a mess on your natural lawn? Does your dog bring in mud from outside through your house? Our synthetic surfaces have drainage, do not stain and any mess can be scooped, brushed or hosed away easily. Our synthetic grass products are pet and child friendly and tough. But we can’t guarantee the product against animal scratching or digging activity.

What is the cost? Yes, our synthetic grass can be purchased on a supply only basis. RRP for Landscape grass is $35 – $42 + gst per square metre plus joining and infill materials. Our warranty is for the product only, and does not cover any faults due to incorrect installation or workmanship. Please refer to our DIY services page for more information.

Installation of a perfect grass is naturally dependent on the quality of workmanship during all stages of the process. We recommend that our products be installed by qualified contractors to ensure the best result. Grass1 Australia is a TigerTurf “Platinum” landscape partner, with many years experience in installation, and a reliable professional company.

The grass must be laid on a base similar to that of a paving base. This constructed or prepared base ensures the grass is laid flat, looks natural and great. The laid grass is ‘in filled’ with a combination of kiln-dried sand for the most natural look, and to secure the grass in place.

Synthetic grass is made from polypropylene or polyethylene, and is very resistant to staining. Any spills should be promptly cleaned by scrapping, mopping or wiping. Any damage to the grass can be repaired.

Site inspections are required to provide full quotations due to sub surface and site conditions. As a guideline most fully installed grass areas cost between $75 – $120 per square metre depending on the type of product, the site conditions and access.

Calculate the area you would like to have synthetic grass in square metres and multiply by the $ rate factor for an estimation. Length x width in mt = m2 (8 x 6 mt = 48 m2) 48m2 x $70 m2 = $ 3360 + GST